The time is now. You deserve relief.


Our kits combine auriculotherapy and daily supplements that offer your ailment nowhere to hide

What is Auriculotherapy?

Auriculotherapy is an alternative medicine method that influences health & wellness. Ailments affecting the physical, mental or emotional state of a person are brought into balance by stimulating specific points on the human ear. The result is gentle, immediate relief.

30 Day Plan

Each kit comes with a 30 day supply of ear seeds and supplements. The detailed ear seed placement instructions will walk you through how to place the ear seeds. Don’t worry, application is easy! The supplement use plan is also covered.

Our Acupuncturists

Our professional, highly trained acupuncturists research each auricular ear point before recommending it as a point in our kits. Our team of experts have years of experience treating the ailments you are here to alleviate!

Why Both East & West?

Multiple contributors cause an ailment. Your discomfort didn’t just spring into life one day. Biochemical imbalances and your body’s life-force energy BOTH need to be addressed in order to realign with a natural healthy state.