All Supplements to Quit Smoking Are Not Created Equal – The Case for N-AC


Smoking is Fun!

supplements to quit smoking

Years ago, you started smoking to solve a very real problem. You had more energy, enjoyed camaraderie with your peers, and were keeping the pounds off. Maybe it seemed like everyone you knew was smoking and there just didn’t appear to be any downsides. The benefits were great!

Smoking is NOT Fun

supplements to quit smoking

Then one day, the benefits began to fade. You realized that you had less energy, your friends quit smoking years ago, and your lack of breath had made exercise difficult and the pounds started to sneak on when you weren’t looking. Were there any benefits at all, anymore? You made the decision to quit smoking.

Nicotine Patches Will Be My Silver Bullet!

supplements to quit smoking

You probably followed modern protocol and bought yourself nicotine patches, gum, and told your family and friends to stay away for three days (safety first!). After all, if your smoking addiction was caused by your cells’ demand for nicotine, then shouldn’t the smoking addiction be broken by simply replacing the nicotine consumption method?

Nicotine Patches, You Have Failed Me

supplements to quit smoking

That was the first time you ‘quit.’ Afterward you smoked more than you used to with the added burden of feeling like a failure, which made it even harder to muster the willpower to give quitting another try.

How frustrating!

Now it’s time for the good news. Most people don’t quit smoking on their first try. Also, most people who set out to quit smoking eventually do it. And you will, too! But what the nicotine replacement approach fails to recognize is that there is more to kicking the habit than just maintaining the nicotine levels in your cells.

Compulsion Is My #1 Frenemy

supplements to quit smoking

What if you could also address your compulsive urge to smoke? Chew all the gum in the world, but if that compulsion is still there, you have a real liability to your success.

After all, compulsiveness is a very real aspect of addiction. It is a psychological condition in which a person has an overwhelming feeling that he must do something (smoke, gamble, drink) and his body won’t “let off” until it receives the behavior. Feels good in the short term, soul-crushing in the long term – compulsion is your worst frenemy!

Supplements to Quit Smoking

supplements to quit smoking

Scientists in the United States and Australia are studying supplements to quit smoking that deal with compulsive, addictive, and impulsive behavior. The pack leader is called N-Acetylcysteine, or N-AC for short. It’s cheap, over-the-counter, and definitely worth your attention if you’re currently trying to quit smoking.

N-Acetylcysteine, You’re the Bomb

supplements to quit smoking

So what is N-AC? The short story is that it is a building block of glutathione, which is an anti-oxidant found at the cellular level. Glutathione assists the body in detoxification and fighting oxidative stress. If you recall from high school health class, oxidative stress can be caused by pesky free radicals, millions of which are in cigarette smoke.

Nicotine-dependent smokers do better kicking the habit when their glutathione levels are boosted by N-AC. This is a good case for supplements to quit smoking. But there is actually more good news for successful quitting using N-AC…

A study of N-AC and smoking followed a small placebo-controlled group led by researchers. The study followed the effect of 2400 mg per day of N-AC on nicotine-dependent smokers. Those that took the N-AC supplement smoked fewer cigarettes than those that did not take the supplement. You can read the full text article from the journal Biological Psychiatry here.

Buh-Bye Compulsion

supplements to quit smoking

So does N-AC also reduce compulsive, impulsive and addictive behavior? Right now the answer to that question is “maybe,” but it certainly looks promising. Repetitive behavior that seeks some sort of reward – from smoking to gambling – is controlled by an amino acid called glutamate. Poor functioning of the brain’s glutamate control system has been linked to addiction. Currently there are several studies investigating whether N-AC can restore proper functioning of this system in the brain.

Quitting smoking isn’t easy. NOT quitting smoking will be even harder. It’s a fight worth fighting. Just remember, if nicotine patches and gum have failed you, there are supplements to quit smoking with which you can arm yourself in the battle to quit for good. Start with an N-AC supplement, you might just find yourself cutting back naturally. And doesn’t that sound like a breath of fresh air?

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Faye Bonomo
Faye Bonomo has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Science and an MBA from Colorado State university. She spent several years pursuing the western medicine approach to wellness, but found it came up short in some areas. Faye now promotes a balanced approach to personal wellness – one that seeks to balance a body’s biochemistry AND a body’s natural flow of life-force energy. She is the founder of AcuThrive.

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