Press Release: AcuThrive LLC Innovates Home Acupressure with Four New Wellness Kits


Supplement Company Which Combines East & West Healing Philosophies Launches Wellness Products Targeting Weight Loss, Depression, Anxiety, & Smoking Cessation

Fort Collins, CO:  This week, AcuThrive LLC, a new company specializing in ailment-specific wellness kits, announced that they have launched four kits targeting weight loss, depression, anxiety, & smoking cessation. AcuThrive’s products combine western dietary supplements with eastern acupressure ear seeds, complete with guided placement instructions. The kits are considered unique from other ailment-specific supplements because of the Chinese medicine component and the company’s focus on holistic wellness as critical to the healing process. Retail list price per kit is $44.99.

Each kit contains a month supply of ear seeds to be placed on 4-6 points on the outer ear in compliance with Chinese medicine. An ailment-specific supplement is also included in each kit. The result of using both methods is a unique, double-whammy effect which crushes the ailment both biochemically and energetically.

An inquiry of Google Trends reveals worldwide interest in DIY acupressure to be increasing steadily at about 40% year over year. AcuThrive’s Chief Acupuncture Consultant, Amber Creasey, sheds light on this trend.

“There is a lot of confusion around do-it-yourself acupressure. People want to be able to apply ear seeds at home but point locations that target specific ailments – like weight loss – are really only available to professional acupuncturists. What AcuThrive has done is distilled down the best points for each ailment, and now passes that information on to customers,” explains Ms. Creasey.

AcuThrive only works with state and federally licensed acupuncturists to recommend points used in wellness kits.

Supplements as a home health remedy have long been experiencing upward growth trends and project a 6% increase in sales growth for 2017. The timing for the two worlds of ear seeds and supplements to come together as an affordable OTC product is right in-line with customer expectations and market demand.

About AcuThrive LLC:  In 2013, after a particularly bad bout with anxiety disorder, Faye Bonomo began taking N-AC supplements and meeting with an acupuncturist for holistic treatment. After experiencing phenomenal, near immediate results from the combination of East & West healing methods, she realized the potential of using both simultaneously. At the time, no company existed that offered such a combo-solution, and AcuThrive was born.

For More Information:  For product and company details, visit, or stay informed through Facebook/acuthrivellc and Twitter @AcuThriveLLC.

Contact:  Please contact Faye Bonomo, Founder of AcuThrive LLC, by phone at 970-833-1327 or email at

Faye Bonomo
Faye Bonomo has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Science and an MBA from Colorado State university. She spent several years pursuing the western medicine approach to wellness, but found it came up short in some areas. Faye now promotes a balanced approach to personal wellness – one that seeks to balance a body’s biochemistry AND a body’s natural flow of life-force energy. She is the founder of AcuThrive.

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