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About the Quit Smoking Kit
Our kit provides immediate relief when smoking cravings hit. Just gently rub the ear seeds with your fingers once they’re affixed in the correct positions to experience immediate relief from tough cravings and help break old addictive habits.

Ours is the only kit on the market which combines eastern auriculotherapy with western science to help maintain control and beat the habit once and for all.


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Product Description

kit-smoking-hr1000AcuThrive’s Quit Smoking kit helps minimize free radicals, improves lung functioning, and reduces smoking cravings by bringing the body’s natural flow of energy back into balance.

Kit Contents
*One month supply of N-AC supplements to reduce free radicals and improve lung funcitoning
*One month supply of ear seeds to help break addictive cycles
*Detailed instructions for ear seed placement and proper use
*Diet suggestions & resources to banish cravings to smoke


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